Thursday, April 29, 2010

NFL Draft Review: Impact Players for 2010

As the saying goes, it's not really fair to judge a team's draft success until at least four or five years down the line. True that. In this case, our interest is not so much in grading the drafts but in identifying a few teams that have picked up players that can impact their team and the league starting this season. Potential impact players can be identified based on considerations of how advanced their game is (some guys may be great picks but still take time to develop), as well as the situation they're going to. Below are 10 teams that have got guys who can step in, fill holes and improve their teams from day one and/or for a long time to come. They're listed under each team! Browse down the right margin to SHOPPE VII: SPORTS TICKETS & MORE! and get a hold of these 2010 NFL Season tickets!

1. Detroit Lions:
DT Ndamukong Suh and RB Jahvid Best

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
DT Gerald McCoy and DT Brian Price

3. San Francisco 49ers:
OT Anthony Davis and OG Mike Iupati

4. Arizona Cardinals:
DT Dan Williams and LB Daryl Washington

5. Baltimore Ravens:
LB Sergio Kindle and DT Terrence Cody

6. Indianapolis Colts:
LB Jerry Hughes and LB Patrick Angerer

7. New York Jets:
CB Kyle Wilson

8. Kansas City Chiefs:
RB/WR Dexter McCluster

9. San Diego Chargers:
RB Ryan Matthews

10. New England Patriots:
LB Brandon Spikes (and everybody else)

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